A history of sports betting in Japan

sports betting

Japan has had a battle in the matters of betting. The country’s history with gambling and betting is ancient, but recently there have been hurdles in it. Even though gambling has been part of the Japanese cultural space, it had been banned. Some legislations seek to overthrow this ban and with this, the country will establish its first line of casinos.


Japan has a very long history of gambling and betting. The initial mention of gambling in the country can be found in the scriptures dating back to the 6th century. The activity was persistent among the rulers of the country and was a popular pass time. Many emperors like Nihon Shoki were regular gamblers who played it in their courts.



There were earlier regulations in the place that restricted various kinds of gambling and violation of such rules attracted penalties like flogging or punishment. The modern regulations can be traced back to 1907. It was in this year when some of the types of gambling were legalized. Up until now, there were forms of gamble ng that were banned in the country and this regulation made its first debut in the mainstream. The Lottery system was relaunched after World War 2 where the country used the gambling system to help it cope with the devastation of the war. The lottery system was divided and categorized in the 18th century where small bets came to be approved while large bets were banned.


There are no casinos in Japan. However, this is supposed to change as the country is set to establish the first line of casinos. The earlier attempts were made in the 2000s, but it reaped in 2015 when the legislation gained momentum. The law was passed in 2018 and the government formed the Casino Administration committee on January 7, 2020. The agency will be responsible for granting and revoking the casino licenses. It will grant licenses to establish casinos in three places – Osaka, Tokyo, and Yokohama.


In Japan, people can indulge in a lot of forms of betting. This is legal. These include Horse betting, powerboat racing, asphalt speedway, and motorcycle racing. They are promoted all over the country and you can get the betting ticket from the circuits and booths.

Lottery and Pachinko:

Lotteries and pachinko’s are very popular in Japan. There are ATM that discharge Lottery tickets. You will also find a lot of Pachinko slots in the country. They are a popular time pass of the people and are not classified as gambling.



Gambling has a glorious history in the country and even though casino gambling is not allowed, the country is granting licenses to three companies to make casinos in three places. The casino administration will see to it whether the rule laid down by the legislation is being followed or not. Their job is not just to grant licenses, but also implement plans that are required for the casinos to operate.

A history of sports betting in Japan

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