Lightroom: How To Remove the EXIF Data

When I export photos, often I don’t want to show all of information, camera, lens, EV settings… Lightroom allows me remove all the EXIF data from my photos. But… There’s one thing that I always want exported: my copyright information.

Lightroom has 4 different export format options:

  1. JPEG
  2. PSD
  3. TIFF
  4. DNG (digital negative)

Selecting Minimize Embedded Metadata will remove all of the metadata, the EXIF data, the IPTC data, and all of the extra info. It will still keep the copyright metadata fields in the exported photos only if you have entered the copyright info.

Lightroom Copyright Fields

Lightroom Copyright Fields

When Minimizing the Embedded Metadata in Lightroom 2, Lightroom also stripped the copyright information. This bug is fixed in Lightroom 3.

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