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Book Review: Picture Perfect Posing or

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Q: First of all what makes a good (photography) book?

A: For me, it's a book that will read many times and each time I read it, I will learn or discover something new

Picture Perfect Posing by Roberto Valenzuela is definitely in the “good book” category.

Clearing the BS about Adobe's Creative Cloud

Now that the dust is starting to settle after Adobe's announcement that Photoshop will only be available by subscription only, I think that it's time to cleanup much of the BS that has been flying around when talking about the Adobe's strategy.

It's a money grab

  • Yes. Adobe's responsibilities are about its own investors and about maximizing its own profit. That's the law. No kidding, if they don't, they most likely will be sued for not fulfilling their fiduciary duties.
  • Photoshop is the single most pirated software. It's not Windows, it's not Microsoft Office ...

Stop Stealing Photos

After a long hiatus, the “What The Duck” from came back. Here is one of his latest.

What The Duck: photographers stealing photos

What The Duck: photographers stealing photos

We all heard about people stealing photos (excuse me “borrowing”).

Going Out of Business

Until the 1990s, Olan Mills was the largest portrait studios in the world. At their peak, they had $900 millions in sales per year, and it was all build on a free 8” by 10” print. Competition had to come and Sears, Walmart, and Toys R'Us created their in-store photo studios. Cheap but… It wasn't Sears or Wallmart, nor Toys R'Us that ran the in-store portrait studios but a company called CPI Corp based in St Louis, Missouri.

Improving Photos

I took the photo of this lady while she was using her Canon Rebel to take photos of the Sandhill Cranes. As you can see these Sandhill Cranes are pretty tamed. I feed them by hand, they eat the seeds from my hand (only during the winter and the early spring).

I took the photo of this lady while she was using her Canon Rebel to take photos of the Sandhill Cranes. As you can see these Sandhill Cranes are pretty tamed. I feed them by hand, they eat the seeds from my hand.So what's the problem? Almost all photos have an horizon, whether it is physically present or implied. If the physical horizon is not there, the implied horizon for people are the eyes.The lower the horizon, the less important the subject below the horizon. The higher the horizon, the more important the subject below the horizon.The Greeks and the Romans, from the antiquity, knew it just as well when they built their statues, high above.So back to my photo. The level of the eyes is on the upper third. I used my secret weapon, I have a single carpentry kneecap protector on my right knee. I knelled on the gravel without hurting myself. That allowed to make a better photo that standing up at eye level.Both the lady and the Sandhill Cranes become more important. She is the main subject, she takes the most of the space and the red shirt helps attract the website, then we look at what she is taking photos of.

Lady Photographing Sandhill Cranes

So what's the problem? She is pointing her camera down on the Sandhill Cranes.

The Evil of DxOMark

DxO Labs is a French company, in a Paris suburb, that started in 2003 doing software to correct lens/camera problems. To do it, they developed some equipment/software combination to measure these lens aberrations and how these aberrations were affected by the various cameras.

The Death Knell of Point and Shoot

I was at a local camera dealer, the store was empty, no customer. I started talking with one of the sales guy. He showed me this little gadget that will be sounding the death knell (the ringing of a bell to announce a death) of the point and shoot cameras. It's a small add-on for an iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and I was told that it will also work with the Samsung Galaxy SIII. They do not have it in stock yet, but they have already placed a “large order.”

It's called a “snappgrip”


What's Wrong With Photographers?

Over the weekend, I was reading a local weekly newspaper with a wedding 2 page special. Contrarily to expectations, there was plenty of text but there were also big ads. One ad was a quarter page and four other ads. The five ads added up to a whole page, the text added up to the other page.

  • One ad for a photographer (top left)
  • One ad for a wedding music
  • Three ads for three catering companies


The Watermark Police

Watermarks! What for?

Watermarks! What for?

This cartoon is from which is right now in hiatus. It's funny but very true. Just use the healing brush in Photoshop CSrecent or Elements PSrecent and the watermark is removed. This works in 95+% of the time.

So what about the copyrights?

Facebook and Your Copyrights

Facebook is the world largest photo gallery. Nobody, nobody comes even close. Facebook has 150+ billion photos on line (yes, one hundred fifty Billions) and people are uploading about 250+ million photos everyday, according to Facebook initial public offering (IPO). Photography is big, very big business. It's so big now that many governments are putting in place “Orphan Works” legislation, aka “How can I appropriate somebody else's work without paying a dime.” The “Orphan Works” legislation, usually, goes along the line of:


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