Canon 7D: C.Fn III -11 AF-Assist Beam Firing

Canon 7D: C.Fn III -11 AF-assist beam firing

Canon 7D: C.Fn III -11 AF-assist beam firing

Do you want to use the AF focus assist in low light? and how to use it.

  1. On. Use the focus assist from the camera.
  2. Disable. No AF-assist beam. The Canon 7D will not generate the beam assist. The Canon 7D will not ask any external flash for a beam assist, even if you’ve programmed it on the external flash.
  3. On and from the external flash only, if it supports it. Some external flashes, like the Vivitar 285, do not provide any AF assist beam but the 580EXII does.
  4. Infra-Red AF assist beam only. That’s only for the external flashes that have them, like the 580EXII. This stops the small built-in flash from generating the bursts of light for the AF beam assist.
  • My setting is 2.
  • These settings only controls the small flashes that are attached to the Canon 7D. They can be attached through the hot shoe, with an extension cable like OC-E3 or wireless with Radio Poppers/Pocket Wizards.

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