Canon 7D: Beep, Beep

Some photographers like their camera to beep. Some photographers don’t like their camera to beep. I belong to the second camp. I don’t like beeps. It’s not Coyote vs. the Road Runner from Warner Brothers.

Beeping is too intrusive for the subject. When I started with digital cameras, and the beep was on, people would move, ask a question, think that they were done or be aware that I took a photo. So I don’t like the beeps.

The Canon 7D’s beep happens each time the auto-focus has found a target and locked on the target. It doesn’t mean that it’s the right target.

The auto-focus beep only happens in the One Shot AF or AI Focus AF. There’s no beeping when you are in AI Servo focus. You can control the beep with the Menu:

Menu > shooting section in red > 1st tab > Beep > Off

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