The Pirates

Producing a post is hard. It takes imagination, time and hard work. It takes me usually an hour to an hour and half every daily. It's tough:

  1. What to write about?
  2. What's the material? Research and verify.
  3. Write the post.
  4. Post the post.
  5. And finally publish the post.

I get ideas from everywhere, I have a text file that is 28,560 lines long of text and ideas with most of them half baked or not baked at all. I do follow a few websites. And that's where the pirates comes in. A couple of days ago, I wrote about Casey Templeton and the $15,000 promo. Guess what? 2 of the websites that I follow have a similar article on Casey Templeton (it's not the first time), a slightly different slant but the same youtube video. The pirates!1

Actually they are not pirates.

  • Only the execution can be copyrighted. Only if they copied my words and my poor grammar, would they be infringing on my copyright. No idea can be copyrighted.
  • They are not infringing any patent. In theory, you can only patent a process. No idea can be patented. BTW, the problem with the US Patent Office is that they are incompetents. They allow dumb patents that are obvious, existed before and over generalized. Talk about idiots, they allow IBM to patent the patenting process!

IBM Files Application to Patent The Patent Process

The company felt it would be beneficial to patent the patent strategy process all the way from training inventors, to competitor monitoring and protecting (i.e. suing someone) a patent from infringement.,11868.html

So how do we bring this back to photography? It's like the photographers that claim they have a unique vision. They claim that customers hire them for their vision. Anybody with a successful vision will be immediately dissected, cannibalized and finally copied.

Photographers get hired because of:

  1. Their marketing.
  2. Assurances that they will be able to deliver the goods i.e. the photos.
  3. Easy to deal with. A pleasant person, positive that the customer/agent can talk to.
  4. Can mange the project. Many photo shoots involve dozens of people from the models to the workers on locations…

Look at HDR, High Dynamic Range, was made famous by Trey Ratcliff. Trey made it popular and now there are thousands of photographers doing exactly the same thing. His unique vision is gone, it's not unique anymore. But he is still very successful because of his marketing, easy to deal with and the guarantee that he will deliver the results.

  1. The pirates is a much better title that the people copying.