Paparazzi: photographers that take candid photos of celebrities. They usually do it through following, ambushing, and stalking the celebrity. Many celebrities share their schedules with the paparazzi so they can raise their profile in the media.

There various surveys, but these surveys are from photographers that volunteer for these surveys. The average income of a paparazzi is around $100,000 per year with the possibility of getting the shot that will make them a million dollar. Good paparazzi earn around $250,000 per year with the possibility of getting the shot that will make them a million dollar.

Why so much money?

  1. Agencies and magazine are willing to pay real money for good photos, especially compromising photos.
  2. People spend their hard earn cash to buy these magazines.
  3. Paparazzi’s photos not only have a one time value, but these photos also have a very long archival value. The archival value is based on the longevity of the celebrity or what are they doing now.
  4. These photos provide excitement and dreams.
  5. Most agencies, like MB Pictures, Bauer-Griffin, X17, and Splash News, have price grids for which celeb does what.

The average income of a US photographer is $34,010 per year in 2007 according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

  • Sell excitement and raise your income.

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