2008/05/02 14:05 CRM In business CRM: customer relationship management, is the magic powder that allows you to improve your interaction with the customer so that s/he will happier and therefore buy more. Eventually that customer will become more profitable. With CRM, you capture as much information as possible about the customer’s birthdays, family info…, the sale info interaction, profitability, how good the customer was… Biz 101, Customers, Marketing
Can’t win: change the rules
2008/05/05 16:04 The Nissan GT-R, as a racing car, is so good and successful in the Japanese GT racing, that they decided to penalize Nissan, by added 50kg to the car to slow it down. It didn’t work, the Nissan GT-Rs still won their races, so let’s add another 50kg. That’s a total of 100kg, the Nissan GT-Rs still won all of their races. So let’s add another 100kg, that makes a total of 200kg just to make sure that Nissan can’t win all the races.

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