The Canon 7DMk2

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After waiting for a couple of thousand years, Canon has finally announced a successor to the extremely successful and the very profitable (for Canon) Canon 7D. I’m exaggerating a little bit, but not by that much. It’s been 5 years since the introduction of the 7D. There’s been rumors of a successor for the last 4 years. I didn’t believe it myself, which is why last year I purchased a Canon ...

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Canon 7D vs. Canon 70D, My Experience

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The Canon 7D was released onto the world in the fall of 2009. Literally for 2½ year, it didn’t have any competition. It took almost 3 years for Nikon to come up with something in almost the same league. What a fantastic camera! 18Mpx, a very complicated but flexible focusing system and a buffer of 15 images increased to 23 images with version 2 of the firmware (I never got the official 25 images ...

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Google: The Difficult Case of Robots.txt

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A good web administrator will keep a tab on the Google Webmaster Tools. If I did it more regularly, I would have noticed that many of my web pages were not indexed. Before I can be in prominent place in the search results, I must be indexed by Google or any other search engine. I had problem with my website:

Submitted: 714 pages Indexed: 200 pages

It never went above the 200 pages. Why? It ...

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Canon: Proper Battery Use

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Lithium-Ion batteries are expensive buggers, especially for cameras. They run in the $70 to $100 range for the “real” batteries from Canon, Nikon… and then there are the “fake/generic” batteries from other manufacturers and these range from $15 to $30. Why the difference in price?

Shouldn’t Lithium be Lithium? Yes and no. Lithium is Lithium. The Lithium is the material used to create the charge by having the ions move from the negative ...

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Raw and Colour Space

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Almost all dSLRs (except some of the really, really old dSLRs from the early 2000) provide two colour spaces, the ubiquitous sRGB (standard RGB)1 and aRGB (adobe RGB)2. aRGB was developed by Adobe as a colour space that would cover the full CMYK colour space used by printing presses like magazines…

A raw file has a much larger colour space than either sRGB or aRGB. The raw file has a colour space than ...

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The Secret to IS/OS/VR

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Every camera manufacturer is has some type of stabilization. For some cameras like Canon and Nikon, the stabilization is built in the lens, for others like Olympus, Pentax and Sony, the stabilization is built into the camera. Some camera manufacturers claims 3EV gain, the newer ones are claiming 4EV and Nikon is now claiming 5EV of stabilization. Most people doubt these claims then they show their photos where they didn’t get the 4EV gain ...

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Why Are My Colors Flat?

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Why are my colors flat when they looked so good on the review LCD of the camera? The photos looked fantastic for about 5 seconds in Lightroom, then they became flat.

It’s complicated because they are so many variables:

The Color Spaces

There are 3 main color spaces for us photographers:

  1. sRGB, the smallest color space. This is the basic color space in photography. And, it’s not fully supported by the vast majority ...

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New Canon Lens Caps

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Finally Canon has rejoined the rest of the world by doing the same as every other lens manufacturer did 15 years ago. Canon has introduced the center pinched lens caps. Something must be right with Canon, the prices are not out of the Canon world:

Lens cap size Price
43mm $7.99
52mm $9.95
58mm $10.00
67mm $10.00
77mm $15.00
82mm $15.00

I do not understand, these prices are extremely ...

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Photographer: Move Over, I am a Pro

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Move over, I am a pro!” I have a Nikon D4 and Nikon Pro Services stickers all over my 600mm. Don’t come close to me, that’s my view. I own it.

Nikon Professional Services

Nikon Professional Services

The guy walked, not only like he owned the place but like everybody was supposed to bow to him. He’s a pro and we are just peons, low level life forms. Then he started asking questions about where ...

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Canon E-TTL II Flash Settings

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Flash can be very complicated or fairly simple depending on how you set it up. Some people are masters, like Joe McNally of the Hot Shoe Diaries’ fame and Syl Arena of the Speedlighter’s Handbook fame. Some people are more on the child-like side, like me. There are two main problems:

  1. People want one easy solution that fits all.
  2. The camera/flash combinations are so sophisticated that they are using auto on the camera ...

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Canon: MicroAdjustment Not Working

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I received an email from Tatyana. Here’s the key extract for her email.

I’ve tried to follow your instructions for the Micro-Adjustment. I can’t get it to work, I still have some front-focusing…

BTW, I expected Tatyana to be either from Russia or Central Europe but she is from the Netherlands.

My instructions are at: C.Fn III -5 - AF Microadjustment. The Micro-Adjustment is controlled by the C.Fn III-5 - AF ...

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Canon: The Right Way of Metering

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Canon has 4+ metering modes:

  1. Evaluative Metering
  2. Partial Metering
  3. Spot Metering
  4. Center-weighted Average Metering

All new dSLRs have similar modes, they just call it differently

And then there’s the manual mode. So what’s the right way? That depends:

  • On the direction of the wind
  • The age of the captain
  • What about the exposing to the right?

Does this sound whimsical? Because exposure is whimsical. There’s no right exposure. It just depends. The ...

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The Camera Check: The Evening Before

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When people go to church and pray, usually they are have a ritual. It involves getting dressed, gather the… It’s a ritual. Me, I have a similar ritual before going to create photos. I usually do it the evening before, so my bag is ready and I just have to pick it up. Since it’s a ritual, I always do it in the same way. Now it’s almost automatic and it usually ...

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Canon: Generic Batteries

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For everyone of my cameras, I have 2 batteries. One in current use and the other one fully charged. The Canon LP-E6 for the 7D, the 5DMkII… is the first battery, for me, that allowed me to make more than 1,000 photos per charge. Actually at the beginning, I was getting around 2,500 photos per charge! That’s two 32Gb CF cards. I always buy the spare batteries at the same time ...

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