Raw Files

Many people argue about raw files vs jpegs. Which one is better and how can you be a real photographer if you use jpegs instead of raw. I'm in the raw camp but...

What is a raw file? When I ask the question, either I get a blank stare or somebody that spurts out something along the line of "the data from the sensor without any processing". Wrong!

So I had to spend the "real big bucks" and get the debunking team on board to look into what's a raw file.

Raw files are highly structured files.

Canon 7D vs. Canon 70D, My Experience

The Canon 7D was released onto the world in the fall of 2009. Literally for 2½ year, it didn't have any competition. It took almost 3 years for Nikon to come up with something in almost the same league. What a fantastic camera! 18Mpx, a very complicated but flexible focusing system and a buffer of 15 images increased to 23 images with version 2 of the firmware (I never got the official 25 images) and 8 frames per second. With its 2 CPUs, the 7D felt lightning fast.

Fall 2013, Canon releases the 70D, with 20Mpx, 7 frames per second, and what looks like a subset of the 7D's AF system.

Canon: Generic Batteries

For everyone of my cameras, I have 2 batteries. One in current use and the other one fully charged. The Canon LP-E6 for the 7D, the 5DMkII… is the first battery, for me, that allowed me to make more than 1,000 photos per charge. Actually at the beginning, I was getting around 2,500 photos per charge! That's two 32Gb CF cards.

Lightroom 5: The Upgrading Saga

Finally the new Lightroom 5 is out. I waited a couple of days before getting it. I wanted to hear from other people, the more adventurous ones (aka the people that like to live on the bleeding edge of technology) if there was any major, major bug that would be a show stopper.

I downloaded my copy of Lightroom 5, took my almost empty wallet out and send my share of profits to Adobe for 2 serial numbers. The license allows for 2 computers, one desktop, one laptop but only for one person. I needed 2 people, so 2 serial numbers.

I installed Lightroom 5, then started the program.

Clearing the BS about Adobe's Creative Cloud

Now that the dust is starting to settle after Adobe's announcement that Photoshop will only be available by subscription only, I think that it's time to cleanup much of the BS that has been flying around when talking about the Adobe's strategy.

It's a money grab

  • Yes. Adobe's responsibilities are about its own investors and about maximizing its own profit. That's the law. No kidding, if they don't, they most likely will be sued for not fulfilling their fiduciary duties.
  • Photoshop is the single most pirated software. It's not Windows, it's not Microsoft Office ...

Stop Stealing Photos

After a long hiatus, the “What The Duck” from http://www.whattheduck.net/ came back. Here is one of his latest.

What The Duck: photographers stealing photos

What The Duck: photographers stealing photos

We all heard about people stealing photos (excuse me “borrowing”).

How Tough is Your Camera?

I'm not sure that I would really want to test how tough is my camera, but some other dudes, at Digital Rev, tested the Canon 7D. Think of it as the “Jackass” movie but for cameras. For me it is much funnier since nobody gets hurt.

Lightroom 5 Beta: How Do They Test It?

By now, you must have heard that Adobe has released the Lightroom 5 Beta.

Q: What does alpha means in the software world?
A: When the software is in the Alpha stage, people/companies are checking that all the “required features” are included in it. We are talking pages and pages, by the pound, of documents that describe every feature and how it is supposed to work. Are they all included or has some stuff been missed, changed or improved? If there are, how do we deal with it.

Lightroom Terms

Lightroom has all kind of wordings, especially in the Develop module. Some of it makes sense, but some of it…

  • Exposure: sets the image brightness.
  • Contrast: Separates the dark and the light tones from the middle tones.
  • Shadows: Adjusts dark image areas.
  • Highlights: Adjusts light image areas.
  • Whites: Adjusts the white clipping.
  • Blacks: Adjusts the black clipping.

Going Out of Business

Until the 1990s, Olan Mills was the largest portrait studios in the world. At their peak, they had $900 millions in sales per year, and it was all build on a free 8” by 10” print. Competition had to come and Sears, Walmart, and Toys R'Us created their in-store photo studios. Cheap but… It wasn't Sears or Wallmart, nor Toys R'Us that ran the in-store portrait studios but a company called CPI Corp based in St Louis, Missouri.

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